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Judging Lists  

How these lists are compiled

Each breed club asks potential judges to complete a form to collect information on judging experience, seminars attended, successes in the show ring - stud book numbers. The Club Secretary checks the form against the checklist to ensure the judge meets the criteria for the list they are being proposed for.
The forms are reviewed by a sub committee, members of which must be 75% Championship show judges. Judges are then put forward to the Labrador Breed Council.

For A1 & A3 lists information on each judge is circulated to each club and votes are taken in the club sub committee. The Breed club representatives are mandated to vote on each judge at the annual LBC meeting.

For B & C lists Clubs propose judges who are in the opinion of the sub committee are suitable to judge at Open Show level and if they meet the criteria names & judging forms are sent to secretary of LBC for inclusion on the appropriate list.

Lists are compiled by the Secretary of the LBC and posted on this website thus being accessible to all canine societies & clubs. They run from May to the end of April the next year.


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see List Criteria for details

Latest update - 20th July 2021

A 1
Judges already passed by KC to award CCs. in the breed.
All have judged at least once at this level

A1 Breed Specialists      A1 Non Breed Specialists


A 2

People who meet the minimum criteria for the A3 list, and who have satisfied The Kennel Club procedure for A2 judges list of being assessed at least 3 times by an approved assessor from the official Kennel Club breed list.

Judges whose names appear on the B list or above may ask to be assessed when judging the breed at open shows or at a breed club seminar/assessment day

A2 Breed Specialists_ A2 Non Breed Specialists

Judges who meet all criteria to award CCs
but have not yet done so.

A3 Breed Specialists      A3 Non Breed Specialists

For shows scheduling more than 5 classes
and Breed Club shows

B Breed Specialists       B Non Breed Specialists


 For shows scheduling up to 5 classes

C Breed Specialists         C  Non Breed Specialists